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Pool Service from Yard Shark!

Keep your pool clean and healthy with our pool service. We are certified by the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance as a pool and spa operator. So whether you have a chlorine system or salt system, we are certified to maintain it.

The heat and sunshine in Volusia county is why you have a pool in the first place. But that heat and sunshine are also hard on your pool. They cause the chemicals that keep your pool in balance to break down faster than in a cooler climate. And the heat and sunshine are also hard on the surfaces like the tile and gravel around your pool.

Those are two reasons your pool will benefit from a regular pool service.

Other reasons to use a pool service

In a word, trees. If your pool in not under an enclosure it is likely going to end up with leaves and other things floating around in the air in it. The pool skimming system is designed to collect these, but the skimming system is not perfect. Some debris will likely get passed it and end up on the bottom.

That’s why inspecting those collection traps on a regular basis is so important when it comes to a pool service. Keeping your filtration system free of debris ensures that the pump is not working any harder than necessary, so it will keep your pool cleaner.

And if you have a screen enclosure around your pool, there can still be debris that sneaks in. But an enclosure can cause other pool maintenance issues.

If you have a pool enclosure, you know that it keeps the pool a little bit cooler by reducing the amount of sunshine that reaches the surface.

Less sunshine means that moisture can stay in the environment of your pool enclosure longer and cause mold or mildew to form on te tile surfaces. That is why we offer tile cleaning as one of our regular monthly services as well.

A complete list of our services is as follow:

  • Water testing
  • Water chemistry
  • Pump basket cleaning
  • Filter cleaning/Backwashing
  • Brushing pool
  • Vacuuming as needed
  • Equipment inspection
  • Skimming
  • Pool shocking
  • Tile cleaning
  • Salt system maintenance

And of course, we offer all of our regular lawn maintenance and landscaping services.

So if you have a pool, and are tired of maintaining it yourself, call Yard Shark Pool Service. We will provide a free estimate to keep your pool healthy and working properly year round.


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Our Other Services

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Annuals and perennials

We can plant seasonal or perennial flowers that can beautify your property year round.

Landscaping in and around pool enclosures

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“My yard has never looked better, thanks to The Yard Shark. The team is reliable, professional and caring. They take pride in their work....and it shows. I have worked with 3 other companies over the years, but none compared to the level of service I have now. Don't hesitate to call them.”

Cyd C.

“Our homeowner's association switched yard services this year and we have been very pleased with The Yard Shark. They pay attention to detail, are courteous, professional and punctual. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for yard maintenance.”

Gregory C.