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Monthly Lawn Service

Lawn Service

The Yard Shark performs monthly lawn service to Volusia County residential and commercial residents.Every lawn and landscape is different. Let us come up with a program that is designed and tailored to meet the needs of your property. Your home and property is your special domain and keeping it beautiful always involves lawn care and landscaping work. Proper landscaping services help to keep the outside of your property beautiful.

As part of our lawn service, grass will be mowed weekly on a scheduled day during the growing season. We mow our lawns with mulching mowers designed to return nutrients to the soil. We utilize proper cutting height practices and maintain our equipment to provide a healthy growing environment for your lawn. Plant beds and all buildings, sidewalks, fences, driveways, parking lots, and other surfaced areas bordered by grass will be edged each mowing.

All areas not accessible to the mowers will be line trimmed for a well-groomed appearance. All sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, curbs, roadways, pool decks, and other surfaced areas will be blown clean of all clippings and debris. The removal of branches, limbs, fronds or foliage obstructing or hindering pedestrian or vehicular traffic is also included. We always take care to avoid damage to gates, fences, sprinkler systems, and other household structures.

The same services will be provided regardless of the growing season. Outside of the growing season, services will be performed every other week.

Hedge Trimming

If you would like, as a part of our monthly service, we can trim your hedges, shrubs, ground covers, and small trees (under 12′) to your desired height and shape. This provides a nicely manicured appearance to any yard.

Weed Control

A post-emergent weed control will be sprayed in all plant and flower beds to maintain a weed-free appearance on a regular and consistent basis. Some hand weeding will be used to remove weeds that are too large or cannot be reached by spraying. We are state certified to provide weed control in plant and flower beds, and if you choose to include this in your monthly service package your plant beds will have a beautiful, weed-free appearance year-round.

Our Other Services

Planning flower and plant beds

Add some beds to make your home lawn and landscaping more interesting.

Commercial lawn and landscape service

We manage commercial monthly maintenance for many local businesses.

Annuals and perennials

We can plant seasonal or perennial flowers that can beautify your property year round.

Landscaping in and around pool enclosures

Make your pool into a tropical paradise with new landscaping around your enclosure.

Sod installation

Sod is an easy way to improve the get a new lawn overnight.

Residential lawn and landscape service

Keep your home’s lawn looking good with our monthly residential lawn service.

“My yard has never looked better, thanks to The Yard Shark. The team is reliable, professional and caring. They take pride in their work....and it shows. I have worked with 3 other companies over the years, but none compared to the level of service I have now. Don't hesitate to call them.”

Cyd C.

“Our homeowner's association switched yard services this year and we have been very pleased with The Yard Shark. They pay attention to detail, are courteous, professional and punctual. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for yard maintenance.”

Gregory C.