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Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

If you have never considered the benefits of adding landscape lighting to your home’s exterior. consider the following benefits. It is beautiful for you. It improves the overall appeal of your neighborhood. It is a great way to show off your beautiful landscaping even after the sun has gone down. And it adds a level of safety.

1) You will love the way your custom landscape lighting looks

The number one reason to add landscape lighting to your home is for you! Your probably home is your biggest investment, and you have worked hard to buy it and to keep it looking nice. shouldn’t you be proud of the way it looks around the clock?

That is what landscape lighting will do. It will make you enjoy the look of your home even after dark. And it’s not ust turning night into day. Uplighting key architecural elements totally transforms the look of your home from dusk until dawn.


2) Be the envy of your neighbors

Your overall street will be more appealing if your home has custom landscape lighting design from Yard Shark.


3) Highlight your landscaping

You have spent a lot of time, effort and money making sure your home’s landscaping is lush, beautiful and accents your home as well as it can. Why should you and your neighborhood only get to enjoy it in the dayight hours? Just like your home’s architectual elements, uplighting your landscape’s accent elements can have a stunning effect on the appearance of your home in the evening hours.


4) Make your pathways and outdoor entertainment spaces safer

Adding custom pathway and stairway lighting to your home can make it for you and your guests to walk in the evening. Whether it is the front walkway to your home, your driveway, or your back patio, adding low voltage LED lighting not only beautifies it, it makes it safer for walking.

So if you are considering adding landscape lighting to your home, please consider calling Yard shark. We are licensed and insured and we offer free estimates regardless of the complexity of the project. We will make your home look stunning in the low light hours.

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“My yard has never looked better, thanks to The Yard Shark. The team is reliable, professional and caring. They take pride in their work....and it shows. I have worked with 3 other companies over the years, but none compared to the level of service I have now. Don't hesitate to call them.”

Cyd C.

“Our homeowner's association switched yard services this year and we have been very pleased with The Yard Shark. They pay attention to detail, are courteous, professional and punctual. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for yard maintenance.”

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